The Project – 8

It was six years after she had left Ollie.  She was in a different city, in a busy  office.

She was racing downstairs from her office on the second floor, to take a call on a first floor phone. She passed a man on the stairs who called her name.

As she gave a wave and continued he shouted; “Tricia, don’t you recognise me?”

She stopped a second, glanced back.

There stood a short haired,  chunky somber man.   For a few seconds, her answer would be no… then;

“Ollie!” she exclaimed, holding for two seconds, then, ” I’ll be right back…” as she raced down the steps.

Tricia had been encased in a mix of confusion, surprise, and a touch of…’boy did he get ugly!’


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Written by jaylar

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