The Played – 28

Damian knew all about Jamaica’s ‘beach boy’  Industry.   Ugly American women would go to Jamaica, ‘buy’ a beach boy, marry him, import him.   Once he became an American citizen, in the majority of cases, treat his wife as a bowel movement.

It was easy, common.

Some American women just wanted the Mrs. in front of their name to slap on the child they would one day have for whomever.

Other women actually fell for the scam and thought the man ‘loved’ her.

Damian saved Simone a plane fare.

She would get her ‘beach boy’, who happened not to be a worthless hulk but an aspiring doctor.  She’d get him for a few years.  She could walk around with him,  get him in her bed, but when he completed his education,  and didn’t need her,  Damian would get her to dump him.


He’d have sex with one of her friends who would brag brag, Simone would go insane and divorce him.

The plan went perfectly.


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Written by jaylar

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    • The beach boys/rentadreads don’t try with attractive women unless that woman runs them down for sex. They go after ugly women who will pay their way. A lot of Jamaicans, including the one who married the author of ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’…Terry McMillian, went after her for citizenship.

      He, as you probably know, got his VISA, Green Card, then Citizenship and came out as Gay.

      What happened to McMillian is not unusual.

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