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The photographer's special "glasses" – Challenge

Yesterday while we were shopping for repair materials. I’ve managed to steal a couple of myths for pictures. About my torture Olimpus is almost always in my bag. I liked the paper bags for packing a gift. I took some pictures, but only 3 were good. In these shops I have a lot of light from the lamas. And me with this camera are not always successful. The only pictures like advertisement are other photographers. I just shot the paper bags. This is today for my challenge after a very tiring day.

I hope you like the design of these pictures.

This challenge is to learn and improve our methods in photography. I’m just a lover and I do not stop searching for new ideas. That’s why I experiment at home. For photographers, they say: “They have special” glasses “to see only beauty.”Make beautiful compositions to experiment with. And to show your ideas to everyone. You can upload without limitation the number of photos. No specific topic. Show ideas.Terms of Participation:1. Post to the Challenger2. Use as a titleThe photographer’s special “glasses” – Challenge3. Use the hashtag #messageexperimentHave fun, friends.

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