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The Martian Boogie by Brownsville Station for Song Saturday

The link for the song

Now below are some pictures with the lyrics. The kid is my grandson dancing in a field. 

#2 Get you one of those

Get you one of those greasy hamburgers all peppered up, lay you up in the hospital for about ten days

So I ordered me up a couple of those grease bombs

Waitress bought 'em over, lifted up the bun, checked 'em out

Damn, no ketchup

So, I nudged the guy sitting next to me at the counter

I said, hey partner, How about passing the ketchup over

Suddenly, this little bitty green handing holding a ketchup bottle came into view

And I freaked,  'cause the guy sitting next to me was a Martian

#3 Now

Now in twenty eight years of eating hamburgers

I ain't never run into no Martian

Not at 2:30 in the morning and certainly not at a fine scarfing establishment like Eat. 

Well, he was sitting over there with a 

Bunch of colored sticks on his plate

And I looked over at him and I said

What you eating there boy, crayons

He said, why no

They're Martian cigarettes

Here, try one


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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