The Cost of a Run – 5

As the days passed, Shelly was polite but distant.  She hung with a few of her girlfriends and they’d sit at my table or let me sit with them for lunch.

Shelly gave me no special looks or words, it was as if I was merely a work friend.  She acted as if all those months we lived together and loved didn’t happen.

I invited her out a few times, but she always declined.   Always had some toss away reason.

I didn’t know,  not then, that  when I went running with Vickie, Shelly had gone out with two friends.

She’d gone out as a kind of consolment.   She was sad and hurt and felt that her ‘space’ had become the size of the universe.  She felt alone, and rejected.

And she met someone.

It was casual, it was easy.  That is why the next day,   I didn’t see a change in her.  But there had been.


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Written by jaylar

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