Spoiled Brat's Reward

It  is said that because he wanted more money, Jussie Smollet faked a racist/homophobic attack on himself.

The Africans he hired to do it have admitted, and everyone is pretty certain that there was no attack, just a grasp at more publicity.

Before the attack, he was popular.   People liked his character on Empire.   In fact, for many, his character was the reason they tuned in.   

His character, his ease before a camera;  without him… would there be an Empire?

The answer is no.

Empire has been cancelled.  Loose ends will be tied up next season, of course, without him.

He has not only destroyed his own career, but everyone on that show will suffer.

How and why could he do that?

Apparently he is one of a horde of spoiled brats who think they can do anything they want and the public has to accept it, because they did it.

You can see the brats throwing themselves on the floors of supermarkets when Mommy won’t buy them ice cream.    You can hear them talking extra loud on their fancy cell phones so that everyone has to notice them.  

So, a spoiled brat grows up.   He thinks he is entitled.   He can not comprehend why everyone doesn’t realise it.  Don’t they see who HE IS?

So, he pulls his prank to get the whole world to see this ‘victim’.

Only reality is a bit bigger than he is;  even bigger than his ego.

So Jussie Smollet destroys himself, destroys the show which was his path to fame and fortune.

What do you think?

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