Smart Man – 56

Paul became concerned when his wife had not  returned by 9 pm from her mother’s house.   He called her.

Kushi told him that she and his daughter were not returning and she intended to divorce him.  

This came out of nowhere.   Paul thought it was joke, thought he misheard,  tried to clarify, reason,  but she answered no question,  she simply said, in a distant, cold voice, that she had consulted a lawyer. 

Then she hung up.  

His mousy, submissive, not very intelligent wife, hung up on him. 

Paul stood in absolute confusion.  

He’d never felt this before.   He forgot when Daraja, his first wife left him, in very much the same way.  He forgot when he heard his beloved Grandmother was dying, without warning.

Paul  stood, confused; he didn’t get what just happened.


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Written by jaylar

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