Smart Man – 38

Paul had been selected by Kushi, for the same reason his first wife, Daraja had chosen him;  he was a stupid man with no one to advise him.   He was alone, totally alone.    The easiest man to play.

If anyone had wondered or doubted Kushi’s choice, the fact Paul had absolutely no one at the wedding was the proof.

Some of the guests might have thought Paul’s family objected to him marrying a Hindu girl, but that was quickly corrected.   Paul had left his family out of his life.   Paul didn’t invite anyone except a guy he’d worked with who didn’t come.

It was a big Hindu wedding, Paul, of course, paid for,  and the only guests were friends or relatives of Kushi.

Paul didn’t even tell  his parents, both of whom were alive.  To him, by not telling or inviting them, he was ‘fixing’ them.

After the wedding, Kushi’s mother called her ‘blessed’ to have a found a man, an American man, like Paul;  no friends, no family, nothing.    A man so easy to play, who could be taken for every cent without difficulty.


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Written by jaylar

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