Seeing Clearly – 1

Sam would say he was grateful to his ex-wife and leave it at that.  

 He would leave it at that, if he could, because it avoided all the horrible factoids that needed to be uttered to explain.

Before he began to communicate with Nina he would be gnawed by a sense of failure or of being the worst person who ever lived.

His sons blamed him for everything, castigated him, made him feel that he had sentenced them to a life of torture.

He had suffered this until he began to communicate with Nina,  over twelve years after the divorce.  Out of desperation he emailed her.  

He had been through another bad divorce, more stress, and Nina was the only person he could talk to.

He was prepared for her silence.  After all, he had done her the dirty.  He was at fault.

Yet, she did respond.


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Written by jaylar

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