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In the previous article I dealt with a situation which was kept behind closed doors.  

A particular politician had committed offences.  The Party was aware but kept it quiet.  They ‘allowed’ the politician to slide onto the sidelines so that when the corruption was uncovered, he was no longer in office, no longer held any position in The Party.

For a year the Public had no idea that he’d been involved in corruption, been forced to step down.

The Sheep who supported the politician continued to bleat, elevating him to the heights as if he were the saviour of the community.   They had no idea he had taken a huge chunk of money which had been earmarked for a health centre and put it into his pocket.

These Sheep didn’t know him, nor did he know or care to know their names.   They were just voters.  He didn’t need to acknowledge their existence until a month before election day.  Then, he had been out with smiles and gifts and promises, so the Sheep would vote for him.

Those Behind Closed Doors would have liked to pitch him under a bus for having stolen money allocated for a Health Centre, but aware his dirty brush would daub them all, took a less dramatic course.

Behind Closed Doors many things were said to him which are unprintable, and a course of action was decided in which he would step back slowly from his duties and claim health reasons why he would not stand for reelection.

After he stepped back from his duties, after he did his ‘health reasons’ excuse,  after another person was selected to take his seat,  after he helped that other person get elected, three months later, the corruption came to light.

And the Sheep were out in their number claiming it was a lie.


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