Power – 5

Those beyond the Closed Doors, those who stand beyond the Lobby, have absolutely no idea what is really being considered or decided.   

If they realised there were Closed Doors, if they realised that they knew nothing, they would not make such incredible fools of themselves.

These ‘Sheep’  believe what they are told to believe.  They defend or attack what they are told to; and have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

Years ago, a particular politician had done particularly shady things.  This was known only Behind those Closed Doors.  

Some of those who sat at that table behind that Closed Door, wanted to sweep him out as rubbish.  Others felt it would harm ‘The Party’.

The decision was made to have him lose certain duties, exclude him from certain meetings, and as election day neared he would back down for ‘health’ reasons and another person would take his slot.

As elections were nearly a year away what was decided was that, beyond the forfeiture of certain duties, no one would have a hint that something was going on.  He would appear to continue as he was.

In five months he would back away, not running for re election but throwing his support behind the new candidate.   Behind those Closed Doors this was all worked out, down to the new candidate and how the disgraced politician would support him.

The Sheep had no idea what was happening, and blindly followed the politician.

Meanwhile, the replacement was put in charge of successful agencies, got face time to discuss a positive issue. He was an up coming star.

Five months passed, the politician claimed to be ill, and told his supporters he would not be running for reelection.  

The Sheep had no idea that their beloved politician had been caught in a blob of corruption which was being squashed as long as he did as he was ordered.  

He did what was ordered,  the Sheep accepted his health lie, turned support to the candidate that was offered, for whom he threw his support behind..

The public did not know until three months after the election that their ‘beloved’ politician was being investigated


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Written by jaylar

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