Not My Sister's Keeper – 10

Lynn was five when Peter was born.  Lynn had always said she wanted a baby brother.    

At first  Lynn was happy.  Then she became morose.  

Her mother, Miri, who had once held her as the centre of her life,  now had no time for her.  Miri no longer cuddled lynn or carried her everywhere.  In fact, Miri  would push Lynn away.  

Miri  spoke to Lynn in a bark and focused on Peter.   Peter was everything. Miri replaced Lynn with Peter.  She carried him everywhere, as she once did with Lynn.  

As she had done with the dog.

Miri  had no patience or interest in Lynn.   Seeing how she had treated the dog,  my husband, Alan’s observation was on point.

On our visits I tried to indicate to Miri that she shouldn’t sacrifice one child for the other. Miri snapped at me, and I backed off.  


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