Just before some days in this week during a hot and humid hot day in Delhi, I intended to visit my adopted JJ CLUSTER in…

Posted by Anjan Kumar Samal on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Some days back in this week, I suddenly made up my mind to visit my adopted JJ Cluster in South Delhi. One of My Friend from my native State also had had accompany me to see these extremely poor people in the National Capital.

We both reach in our destination at around 1:00 AM. With the intention to know Whether these people have drinking water for them or not, I did seek a glass of water to the Head of this JJ Cluster, VIMI. She looked at me and smiled and offer a branch of extended tree to sit on.She did order her Grand Daughter Sunita to have a glass of water for me.After a while the little girl Sunita, came to me with a semi chilled glass of water. I shocked and drank the full glass and believe me, that moment I felt as if I drank after Year long thirst with optimum Sanctification. Vimi Jee, sat beside me when I was observing their mass launch Session on that  hot and humid day in the National Capital.

After sometime When I asked about the availability of Drinking water, VIMI cried as if a little child urging me about their bad luck that even in the heart of National Capital of India, they are unable to have safe drinking water for their little children.

She told that some people sometimes come to them with some packaged water and they store it in a hand made Container build by soil which provides naturally cool water. I abuse myself internally that I am a worthless one as I still now not able to provide them some water for their daily livelihood.

So I have decided this time to visit their open home only after arranging permanent water availability. Let’s see, what can be done within a week to fight for their Born Right to have water and other required convenience.


What do you think?


Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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