Nails Again – 365 Photos Challenge #55

I have been sitting at work not really in the mood to start the day.  I am waiting for the rest to go to court and then our driver is going to fetch me to go buy groceries.  So it’s no use starting and then being interrupted anyway.  I realized that I didn’t take a photo for today so I started to look around for some clue.

Since I have been on the Nail and Beauty theme this past two weeks, why not share my nails. I love beautiful nails. Not really a  plain nail person, so usually have some nail art worked in somewhere but I do get my days where I feel like not too much detail.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your camera and start joining in the fun of the 365 Photos Challenge. Just be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines.

In case you missed my previous entry, you can see it here:  Bare Nut-Cessities


What do you think?

Written by Della


  1. What – bait and switch again! No mention of measuring the depth of wallboard before buying your nails. Or, that galvanized nails are best for roofing. No no no no no no.