Morning Changes

Thursday, 2.20.20

Around 10 am, I turned on the computer to do a couple of stuff. I went on Linkedin to check my message. I noticed a company is interested in seeing my resume for a couple of job opportunities. So, I went on gmail, and noticed that gmail kept lagging and I couldn’t send it. All of the sudden, I lost all internet connections. It must be Cox. Cable Indie channel went off, and so did my phone. So, I used my iPhone to contact Cox, and I was informed they were doing maintenance, which should last 4 to 6 hours. I noticed it was nice outside. I decided to change my clothes and go for a walk. While at the UTC, I was browsing on my iPhone, and I noticed I have a movie meetup tonight. I signed up and walked back home to get ready. I walked a short walk of 1.2 roundtrip neighborhood walk and 3,479 steps, came home to shower, and massage my feet. At 2:22 pm, I noticed that everything came back on again. Therefore, during such morning changes, I end up just moving with the flow and doing other stuff until I resume my normal routine.


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