Manipulation of History – 4

In a previous article of ‘Greats‘ who weren’t, the question is; why are these myths perpetuated?  Why year to decade to century are certain persons held up as heroes when they were not?

The answer is that the societies from where these persons emerge have a vested interest in pushing them forward.  The truth is swept away.

Populations are manipulated to believe in fantasy and  look back on their ‘heroic’ past when it was anything but.

In some nations, current events are blocked, so the people who live there do not know what is happening.  When a government suppresses information, it is not the fault of the population that they are ignorant.

In some nations, where citizens have access to information, it is the fault of the population that they are ignorant.  That they have given over their intellect to their ‘masters’ does not absolve them.

One may argue that they don’t know they are being manipulated, but to not note the discrepancies, to refuse to take that tiny step to ascertain truth, is on them.

What do you think?

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  1. There is nothing that I view as distastefully as revisionist history. And it is practically the rule rather than the exception. I like the writings on history by Howard Zinn for this reason. People try to look to historical situations to learn for the future and the future based on false history can teach nothing valuable. It often perpetuates more pain and suffering.
    Have a great summer.

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