Making Lemonade – 6

Brenda returned to the hospital, was asked where she had been.  Glancing at the clock it counted an hour.

“I took an early lunch…” she replied with a smile, took a file, and went to find the patient.

Instead of rushing in and out,  Brenda  took a seat.  Relaxed, Brenda behaved as if this was a social occasion, and took her time.  Brenda acted as if this was the only patient.  

After all, there were other doctors to deal with other patients, let them go through the list and see the most.  Brenda would deal with this one.

When she was done, having had a nice conversation and  ordering what tests were necessary, she strolled to the desk and took another patient.

When Eric called her to assist him; she replied; “I have a patient!”  with this kind of shock.  Because of her reaction, Eric shouted for another doctor to assist him.

Another came and Brenda sat and breathed deeply, in and out, relaxing herself.


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Written by jaylar

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