Living With a Brat – 4

Gabi’s usual performance, when she didn’t get what she wanted,  was a hysterical ‘no body loves me’  diatribe followed by a screeching demand to live with Daddy.  

A parent knows their child.  Can read a child like a book.  When one has an obvious brat like Gabi, it’s too easy.  Every parent knows, for a brat it is NOT just getting her own way, it is doing the Opposite of what you want.  

To underline, the Brat must  ‘force’ the parent to do it her way.  

As  I wanted her to live with her father I made it seem I wanted her to be with me.  As it was nearing the summer vacation,  I found a trivial subject to provoke an argument.  I put  fuel in the fire until she shouted that she hated living with me and wanted to be with her Daddy.

I responded by shouting that her Daddy didn’t want her, which would make her shout he did.  

This opened the door for me to say:

“You call him!  If he says yes..You GO!”

I knew Daniel would say yes.  I got a sulky expression on my face when turning from the telephone Gabi beamed;  

“Daddy Wants ME!”

I held myself from doing my happy dance all over the living room.


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