Intelligent Quotient – 22

The previous article was to explain how certain exams are culture biased.

An exam created by Americans for use by Americans, is fairly worthless when taken by those who were not brought up in the archetypical American environment.

Further, it has been revealed, as early as 1984, that an I.Q. test only tests Academic performance.   It does not predict life success.

Many of the most successful people may have scored in average range, some because they perceived different meanings or outcomes,  others because the test bored them and they got it over with as quickly as possible, unaware of how important it was to their future.

As the current I.Q. tests are only useful in the school environment those persons who are Emotionally Intelligent, (able to ‘read’ people, able to express themselves in the most satisfactory ways), would not do well.

Yet, in life, they would be far more successful than those with higher scores.


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  1. Very interesting post. It’s funny: I was only thinking of this today actually, the point you make about being successful and getting on in the world – it is not necessarily intelligence or talent, it is more to do with being very determined, persistent, thick-skinned and having a lot of self-belief. Sometimes being highly intelligent can be a drawback if anything!

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