Inside the Capsule

Margaret despised the school, the students, the teachers, in fact, there was nothing in the entire  town  she found of value.

However, if she could survive this last year, do well, she’d get into University in the City.

When class began, Margaret found her classmates repulsive.  How they talked and dressed and behaved.    Seeing them as an alien species that had long been studied and found useless,  Margaret was unable to be annoyed, upset, provoked by them.

When she entered the classroom and sat, one  of the usual ‘mean’ girls,  said, “That’s my Seat!”

Margaret, not even looking at the gal, stood up and moved way to the back to stand by the wall.    She was waiting for the seats to fill, and would take whatever was empty when the instructor stepped in.

The gal, who had prepared to go to any and every seat that Margaret took with the same belligerence, was put into pause mode.

When the instructor entered, and said, “Take your seats…”  the gal had to slip into the one Margaret vacated, and Margaret found a place.

While the gal glared at Margaret, as did her friends, Margaret took notes, thinking of the subject.

As class ended, Margaret was on  her way to the library,  which was down the corridor.   She checked out a book, in record time, and entered the next class, just before the bell, and took an empty seat.

The ‘Mean Girls’ had found another target so Margaret was temporarily invisible to them.


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Written by jaylar