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I Need an External Hard Drive

Thursday, 6/13/19

For the past week, I have had problems with my mouse pointer freezing on my screen. I discussed it with some people on Facebook, and they all noted that I need to get an External Hard Drive. I am getting tired of starting my computer every time my mouse pointer just suddenly freezes, which is caused by low memory. I tried to clean my hard drive a million times with disk cleaner and other tools to areas on my hard drive. It was OK, but the mouse pointer freezing continued. I decided to UNINSTALL Google, Chrome, and Opera browsers. Then, I reinstalled Firefox. It seems better now. 

Yesterday, I got a pop-up window on my desktop, warning me that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. I need to make future preparations to back up and save my files by getting an external hard drive. I think they are doing this on purpose to force people to either buy a new computer, upgrade to Windows 10, or buy other products. 

This is sick! People should buy things because they want to buy it. They should be forced to buy stuff because certain parts of the computer is acting up and they have to spend to make it work again. This mouse suddenly freezing on my screen is a recent issue, occurring during the same time that I got a warning that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, and I have until Jan. 14th to prepare before I experience more computer issues. 


What do you think?


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