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How Would You Have it Then? – 2

Almost five years ago a group of us were sent  here.   ‘Here’   is the definition of ‘remote’.  Two dozen of us were selected and deployed.  

We were to be billeted in small houses which ran  along the shore.   My house was and is the only one on the West side of the ‘river’.

During the dry season it’s a gully.  During the wet season, it is a river, pouring to the sea with force,

Headquarters is  North East of my house,  a quarter mile up the road, then  across what seems a natural land bridge.

In reality,  water runs down the hills into a lake which has an underground passage.   The  water bubbles up just beneath that land bridge,  nothing you want to cross during a flood or down pour.

During the dry season, I leave my house,  go North, then  east over that land bridge and in a minute there’s the work place.  During the rainy season, I am very careful if/when I leave my house.


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