Getting it So Wrong – 2


One of the most misunderstood emotions, is contempt.   It is often taken for politeness, lack of antagonism, compliance, etc.

This is because when you feel contempt; well, you’re the other side of indifferent.

Gina is babbling, you think she’s an idiot, you aren’t listening.  You’re sitting there, thinking of what you are going to prepare for dinner.  

She thinks you are a good listener.  

Bob is expounding some political position. You are ignoring him, he thinks you agree.  That is because you don’t say a word.  

You don’t say a word because you couldn’t care less what Bob says about anything.  

You are sitting over here, there is one massive argument going on over there.

You have contempt for those fools, so say nothing, do nothing.  They are simply ‘white noise’.  They think you are  quiet and polite and understand how ‘important’ that argument is to them.

This is the ‘beauty’ of contempt


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