Get It Together

Today I need to focus and get things together. It’s been chaotic here and many important things have simply been left undone as I struggled with the stroke, pandemic, and life. I also have to acknowledge that my best days are clearly behind me at this time. I have to look for things to inspire me and motivate me to get things done.

Sometimes the hardest thing is where to begin. I wander around, look, try to come up with a plan, and before I know it my day is done. In some ways, I guess today is a day of reckoning, and I need to go back to what once worked. if needed.

I often put my to-do list here and worked through it and weaved it into my day. It was probably boring for you and helpful for me. Well, today is a “me” day because there is much to be done and I need to be accountable. 

I am beginning right where I am. Today I am going to ask my friends on Virily to keep me focused and on track. Feel free to call me out and get me back on track.

The list begins

1. Make and serve breakfast

2. Gather a basket of ironing

3. Make three study cards for work

4. Gather one donation bag

5. Smile and continue the list when I have made it thus far.


What do you think?


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