Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 17

Bagga had gone up to the America just as Junior had, but there was a difference.   Bagga was ‘sent for’ by Herbie who ran the operation.

To give him a taste, Bagga had gone through the same kind of treatment that Junior knew, but only for two days.  Then Herbie sent a man to pick him up and take him to another location.

Junior knew Bagga through Mego.  

Mego was a big enough don, the brother of Sharon who was the mother of JIbba’s child.    Junior was a friend of Jibba.  They’d hung out at Sharon’s Bar some years ago.  

Then Junior was arrested, spent a year in jail waiting trial, was found not guilty, came out, and the cops wanted to slap a murder charge on him.Bagga had jumped bail a few years ago, taken his flight, and was working with Herbie.Bagga felt he could trust Junior.


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Written by jaylar

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