Feeling – 8

The next day, at work, everyone was talking about the allergy.  I didn’t need to ask. I had already deduced Cord’s mother died of an allergic reaction.

I didn’t say a word.  I pondered how Arlene had gotten almonds into Cord’s mother’s food.

I wasn’t going to share my near certainty that Arlene poisoned Cord’s mother.    I just watched.  

I watched when Arlene arrived.  I watched her go to Cord and speak.  I watched her disappointed expression that he didn’t scoop her up in arms and run off with her.

To me, as a logical person, her expression was out of place.  Her expression when she approached,  was as if she was bringing good news.  

Her expression when he nodded and walked off was a ripple of anger.  I saw it surge through her and was now certain she had been involved.


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Written by jaylar

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