Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 52

When the weekends came,  my friends and I had various activities so it was rare that I would spend much time at the flat.  

As I was out most of the time, or doing something when I was at the flat, unless I physically stood on the veranda,  Jade had little opportunity to get to me.

However, one of the ‘lessons’ I’d learned was that if I went too long without giving Jade twenty minutes to babble every other day, she’d try to pick a fight.

This could be from me using bug spray in my room, to not locking a gate.   I assumed she did this to hear her own voice.  For I never ‘defended’ or ‘argued’.   I let her bounce the words off me, said nothing.

I don’t think she realised I was smarter than her, that I saw through her, and couldn’t care less about her.

As I never mentioned the lies, the  proofs of her lies, she probably assumed I hadn’t noticed or forgot.


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