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Color Crazy Challenge: The Journey of a mouse and a pig!!

I told myself that if there is “pink” in the colour challenge then I’ll definitely post them!!

…even if you think I’m childish!!

The guidelines for this week’s challenge!

“1. Post purple or pink. 

2.  Use the words, ” color crazy” in the title.

3. Post your entry in the Challenges section. 

4. Use the hashtag colorcrazy so all the entries will be in one place and easy to find. 

For those who would like to join in it’s easy. Each week I introduce a new color to go along with the previous week’s color.. So this week we have purple and pink. You have one more week to post purple, and two new weeks of pink. 

Let’s color Virily! 

Have fun and remember to go check out the tag for all the other Color Crazy Ideas!”


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Written by alibb


    • Thanks Lacho59 for your kind words…

      I’ve to agree that your suggestions of world of fairy tales or in the children’s room is much better but I’ve not have photos of them doing that… maybe I should create some 🙂