Can't Do Better – Prologue

In an serialised story;  ‘Crazy Boasting Cat Lady’  I introduced a middle aged woman I named ‘Jade’ based on a real woman I used as the template in this story.  

The woman I called Jade is a  monster of a person.  It is  clear she has not lived among human beings for decades.   This is not because she was incarcerated or abandoned, this is due to her horrible personality.

To become like Jade, one assumes her childhood  rather unenviable.

It seems apparent she never had a real family, for those who had people who  cared about them or they cared about could not behave as abominably as “Jade.”    It is clear she never had a real job or attended a school in which she was not an outsider.

To say she is inconsiderate would suggest she recognises the existence of others.  She doesn’t.  She lives locked in her world along with her cats.

Although I do not sanction any of her actions I can appreciate that she does not know better, hence she can’t do better.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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