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Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 18

Jade could plant herself in the path, ignore me,  as if I were invisible.    To me, she deliberately fought to get a reaction, while I made sure to ignore her as well as she did me.

It seemed evident Jade has  been isolated  a long time.

A friend of mine, who  was going for her Master’s in psychology, wanted Jade as her subject.  Without alert, she arrived at the flat, to ‘pick me up’.  

Obviously I wasn’t ‘ready’ and aware this was a ruse to ‘examine’ Jade,  I went into my room to change.  I could hear the voices from the veranda and after twenty minutes, appeared.

As  I got into her car my friend was raving about her ‘subject’.  She was amazed that anyone who looked and acted as Jade could assume her lies could be believed.

My friend defined Jade’s malady as introverted narcissism.  She explained the  outer veneer of superiority to hide vulnerability.

An introverted narcissist is unconcerned with how her behaviour affects others.  They focus on only what they selfishly want and find agreeable.

I knew that from experience.


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Written by jaylar

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