At The End -12

Wendy did not speak much, save if she had something to say.

She had something to say:

“When you left, when the children left, when my husband died, I gave myself to the care of Ginny.  I tried my best, but I knew I couldn’t give her what she needed.  It wasn’t until I saw that home saw that care, that I realised…”

The tears began to flow;  “that I was hurting, not helping.  If she had gotten help, if she had been in some program….”

Phil nodded;  “I know.  For before I left I had given Elsa a number of booklets about treating Down’s and she shouted at me and tore them up.”

“What happened between you that…”  Wendy began.

Phil’s wife spoke.   No one expected it.

“The children told me that when they were growing up their mother was Miss No and their father was Mr. Yes.”

Both Phil and Wendy stared at her, and she dropped her eyes, and softly, “I think Elsa resented the fact you were a better father to them then she was a mother.”

The Epiphany of this utterance exploded.   The reality was that Elsa had decided to give birth to Ginny to prove some twisted point that she was a good mother.


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Written by jaylar

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