Anti-Zionist Jewish Rabbis Protesting AIPAC

On March 24, 2019, many anti-Zionist Jewish Rabbis and other people marched in the streets of Washington DC to protest Zionist AIPAC. In this street rally, they changed, “Judaism Yes, Zionism NO, the state of Israel must go.” Rabbis Feldman and Weiss talked about the demented Zionist Israeli lobby.


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  1. The situation in Israel is complicated and I cant understand a country that does not want to live in peace.
    I was there is 1982, came in with questions and left with more questions.
    The only reason I support the state of Israel is because a country of what ever name it carries needs stability
    Im sorry but as much as I like the Arabs they are always fighting each other and so Palestine under arab rule would be just like Syria today

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