And Comes the Fourth Generation – 174

Mrs. Lopez had been running the school without problem for almost two decades.

 At first, she used the ‘A’ block veranda.  

Years passed with her students taking up the veranda, and rooms 2 & 3 not being rented while she lived in room 1.  There never was a problem.

Miss Brown knew that having empty rooms awaiting members of the Congregation would confirm that Miriam House was a charity and the few rooms that were rented was to cover costs.

When  the Board member was alerted to the existence of the school,  he spoke to Miss Brown who quietly told Mrs. Lopez to move to the larger and more expensive house on the far West of the property.

Mrs. Lopez had done so and kept the classes indoors.  This went on for seven years.  For Seven years she lived in the house, ran the school in the large front room and there were no problems.

The parents would ride in and park in the lot.  That they might make movement difficult for the tenants didn’t matter to her.

When the electronic gate was put in, without any recognition that a school was on the premises, this started the down spiral.

She did get a  gate opener from Selma Rashford Grindley so that she could control the coming and going of her  students.  This is because Selma believed that the Board fully knew and licensed a commercial enterprise to operate on the grounds of what was registered as a Charity.


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