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365 Photos Challenge – Days 98 through 107

Hello everyone,

I am finally sharing some more photos in the 365 Photos Challenge. With sharing the photos gallery style, I may be just about caught up. I know I will get behind once again since I don’t always post daily.Β 

No matter what, I hope you all enjoy the photographs that I share in this challenge post.

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to! Here are the rulesΒ to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

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Day 98 – Lots of Clouds!

As you all know by now, I love clouds....so when I see awesome looking clouds I have to photograph them!

Day 101 – Hello Again

Forgive my hair on top being all wild...but I had curled my hair this day.  

I need to touch up my roots....last time I think was right before Christmas.

Day 107 – Endingwith Clouds

I started with clouds and am ending with them as well!  Who doesn't love clouds? They are all so different!   Hopefully in the next gallery for the challenge I will diversify a little more (less cloud photos maybe). 

Day 102 – Eli’s Train

Eli loves trains (and motorcycles)....and this is one he got for either his birthday or Christmas.  I wanted to share it with you all since I have shared some of his other cars/toys.

Day 105 – Love Sign

This was also at the store with the birds....a pretty love stone that you could put in your garden (or anywhere you'd like) for decoration.  


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