Year of the Dog 2018 Street Festival

Monday, February 12, 2018

UC Irvine and South Coast PUC Irvine and South Coast Plaza present Year of the Dog, 2018, Chinese New Year celebration at the UC Irvine Campus. I took a stroll to the UC Irvine campus to check out the event. I browsed booths, check out decorations, took some snapshots, and recorded some videos because, after all, I am a photographer.

But, on my calendar, I noticed that the Lunar New Year is actually on Friday, February 16th. I continued to watch the Winter Olympics coverage all week, before going on a walking group meetup at Woodbridge for a one-hour outdoor break.

I noticed videos Part 2 and Part 3 had copyright issues because of the music that was playing at the event. So, I decided to remove the background music. The videos will be silent.


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