United Nations International Migrants Day: 18 December

With the Refurbished Theme of ‘SAFE MIGRATION IN A WORLD ON THE MOVE-2017’ today as on 18th December United Nation Preached the entire world to arise and awake for the sake of Safety in Migrants Movement Across the World and request the world to celebrate this Day of December 18 as the

Why people do desire to move from one place to another in this world?

What about them who forcefully thrashed out of their own Land?

Where will they Go? What will happen to their Children?

In the recent past the World has been experienced all such Question’s Answer When a Community Forcefully desired to Leave their own Home Land in the name of Peace and Prosperity. The World seems forget the Theory of “VASUDHAIBA KUTUMBAKAM(It is in Sanskrit Which Means The Whole World is Just One Family).

But India can not Forget it’s Glorious Tagline of ‘The whole world is just One Family’ and it is the reason for which  despite knowing the Facts of Fear of TerrorIndia could able to provide them a roof to stay and foods to eat with all the needed Precautions so that no harm would arise in future till Normalization of the Existing Situation.

All other Countries also need to Follow it with a proper way of Check and Balance to safe and secure Humanity and Human Kinds.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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