Yelling To UN Expert On Gandhi: NAMO(Modi)SARAKAAR

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UN Expert urged,”The spectacle of Mahtma Gandhi used in Swachh Bharat Campaign need to refurbished as Lenses of Human Right for the sake of Humanity and Human’s Entity”

Modi government opposed the statement  put forward by the United Nation’s Expert in Delhi on Mahatma Gandhi’s Spectacular spectacles. After the statement given by a UN’s Top Brass and Expert  Leo Heller, NAMO SARAKAAR replied fiercely and promptly appealing to take back the statement given. The BJP govt. also urged to UN that it is a true defamation to our lovingly Father of our Nation. United Nation’s Executive Expert Leo Heller during a Function of the much talked prime Project of  ‘Swachh Bharat ‘ (CLEAN INDIA)attacked the Modi Govt. on the issue of negligence in many areas of ‘Clean India’ Campaign across the country. He urged now the Modi led BJP government need to turn the Spectacles of Mahatma into the Lenses of Humanity  for EXTREME Human Right Violation all over the country.

Many social Leaders including Political Pundits see nothing wrong in it as during this three Years of reign of BJP govt., India has really witnessed immense violation of Human Rights including killing of many innocent Human Right Defenders.

Modi Government Could not able to digest this allegations in the name of Humanity and it is the reason for which the government raised the voice against the statement spitted by the Un Expert. Many Human Right Defenders and Expert feel that this is entirely biased and  to divert this international level of allegations and to convince the Indian sentimental voters just before the coming Assembly elections in Gujarat.

In reply, Govt. of India looks it as an wrong allegations against our Father of the Nation instead of realizing the fault in looking after the issue of Human Rights. It is also not like that the UN Expert said it without knowing facts on ground. Before giving this particular statement the UN Expert had known the facts of Human Right Violation across India during his visit to various places of CLEAN INDIA PROJECT all over the country. 

The UN Official even unveiled the truth of Human Right violations in Mission Swachh Bharat during his visit to many places of India. He urged again, ”Along with Cleaning India Completely ,the Govt. should not be in backfoot for Providing clean Drinking water”.

 In regard to the Unique Spectacle of Mahatma he said, “Where ever I went to watch out the work of Mission CLEAN INDIA ,I found Mahatma’s Spectacle and it is also the 3rd and advanced phase of CLEAN INDIA Project and therefore it is the need of the time now to turn the Mahatma’s  spectacles into the Powerful Lenses to to restore Humanity and Human Rights in your Incredible India.”.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)