Popcult Anime Con Framingham 2018 Part 2

Our family found this to be the most fun anime convention we’ve attended to date.  We learned that this was the third year of Popculture Anime Con in Framingham and we’ve decided to go again next year. It dre

A Workshop in Blanket Fort Building

Violeta rarely smiles like this so I guess you could say her review of the workshop is written all over her face. A dozen people worked together for over an hour constructing a magnificent blanket fort. For a while it looked like nothing would stand but the end result was priceless.

Making New Friends

Viterbo's Naruto Cosplay was a big hit. 


The Framingham Sheraton was filled with interesting people in cosplay representing their favorite anime characters.

Diversity is a wonderful thing...

As the fort comes together, Violeta peeks out  

The fort took up more than half the room and after a slow start the workshop began to draw people in. Participants  mostly ranging from preteen to early 30s were having a blast...good clean fun. I just wish we brought our Nerf weaponry to defend it.

Nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from building your fortifications from the ground up...

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