May 13th is Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I woke up in the morning and turned on the TV to an independent channel, and I noticed it had a Mad About You marathon. Wow, just a couple of day ago, I was thinking to myself that it would be cool if the independent channel to do a Mad About You marathon, and it was like deja vu esp. So, I decided to watch it while making my breakfast.

Then, I decided to turn on my computer to go on the internet because I wanted to take my name of a meetup list for a movie today. They are going to an Irish movie about lesbian, and although I like foreign and indie films, I really do not care for gay movies, gay promotion, or trannie agenda. That stuff just does not turn me on. I do not care what others do with their life, as long as they do not impose it on me, in which I feel that is what the Zionist Media is doing to society. If it is a good film, then I can wait to watch it on the indie channel.

When I entered IMVU, I immediately noticed that I received a Mother’s Day gift. I was asked to sent a gift to others on my friends’ list, and the only person I remember is a girl in nyc that I met in Yoworld. We both like to decorate homes and our avatars on these virtual reality games. So, I decided to sent her a gift. I received a cute soft pink nook tent area for tea and pastries.

For a couple of minutes, I remember my mother, who died in July 2017. And, I am single with no kids. But I have an 18-year-old furry baby, Gumby, which is like having a real kid. I am always worrying about him, if he is healthy and in good shape for his age because I am hoping he will live into his 20s, since I adopted him almost 9 years ago.

It looks romantic, similar to those I dream of Genie Mediterranean tents with pillow cushions and sheer tent cover. I have always wanted something like that as a kid because I would always build a tent with an old blanket inside my bedroom. I decided to create a photo shoot with my IMVU  avatar. I changed her outfit to spring fashion items, although they are all old items. She wears a soft floral two-tiered miniskirt, dark red velvet cami, over the knee white socks, heart pendant necklace and earrings, and bangles of white watch and bracelets on her left wrist. I decided on an updo hairstyle in a dark blonde or dirty blonde color, for a change.

I could not decide which house to place it in. So, we traveled on-location to my different IMVU homes, doing this photo shoot. I decided to do my photo shoot at two homes, my huge coastal beach house and this nightclub/cafe with a park. The nightclub and cafe is on the terrace, and I place this cute and romantic nook underneath, which is like a green forest cave, filled with cozy seating arrangement gifts that I have received in the past. It is a perfect place to hang out with other IMVU friends and chat, like an outdoor coffee shop. At the end of the photo shoot, my avatar enjoyed the tea and pastries in this little nook. I remember that IKEA had a white version, and I was considering getting one, but I wasn’t sure where to put it in my townhouse.

My cover snapshot is at my beach house, which actually looks like AVICII’s modern mansion. My avatar is as rich as he is. I hope she isn’t sacrificed by the Illuminati because she might want to retire from IMVU modeling in the near future. She look young and thin, and might be a part of the 27 Club. In the cover photo, I also added her laptop and Starbucks coffee drink. She is also doing her Starbucks IMVU promotions. No wonder she is so rich at a young age.


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