Happy Mothers day to ALL mothers

Hello out there to the world of mothers today, happy Mothers day. :>} What are you plans 4 the day?Mine is crafting, I’ve started on some flower pots I have about the yard & so far I have like 4 of them done up just have to go over them a 2nd time for them to turn out like I want then clear coat them.

This isn’t me BUT you have a idea of what I’m talking about as in painting flower pots for the yard.

This is what I’m talking about by painting flower pots up, I have a few of them I’ve done up & I have to say they are looking really GOOD so now I am going to be buying me up some more to paint up & sell them along with the OTHER crafts I have made to sell, so I can have a verity of stuff to sell.

I’m also working on some cool looking bird house’s for like a covered deck or front porch or even inside, this is one of them off the top of my head Ideas I came up with that I think someone would like to have & this one came out REALLY good, so I had to send it to friend I know up in KY. :>}

I’ll be making more & this will be 4 items I’ll have for sale that I make, the bag socks,the Cd coasters& wall decor, the bird house’s, & painted flower pots, & all I have to do is make enough to sell when the time comes cause where I’ll be selling these will be on a main drag that has a lot of traffic on it.

These are the bag socks I’m talking about I’ve been making to sell when I get the other stuff I have going made up to sell, so with what I have going to sell I’m hoping that this will get things going for me cause I sure can’t seem to get anything else going like I want online with them to start selling.

I stay busy doing little odd ball crafts & once I get a few made up I think of something else to make so being this is just a few things I have going maybe this will be the start of something GOOD for me & where I’ll be selling at SHOULD be a good spot to bring people in when the times comes to sell.

We don’t do a lot of stuff like we use to, but I can say what I do in my crafts I come up with some COOL looking stuff that I know SOMEONE would like to have, so why not take time to make them to sell & make a little side money to buy the things I need to keep them going every year right?

Well that’s my mothers day what are you going to be doing for the day laying about all day or be outdoors working in the yard or going out doing something like shopping or god knows what? I want to say no matter what you do for the day just have fun & be careful & stay out of trouble.


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