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Got my new Reading Glasses

Tuesday, 1.21.20

At around noon, I received a call from Macys, stating that my reading glasses has arrived. I got dressed to go to the SCP mall. The indoor mall was quiet. But it was filled with Chinese New Year, Year of the Mouse decoration. Unfortunately, I forgot my iPhone still plugged to the outlet at home. I might go back Wednesday or Thursday. Oh, I just noticed the old snapshot here from last month has a little Tiffanys mouse. I picked up my Tiffanys reading glasses, and went I browsing or window shopping, checking out the mall decor. As I was leaving the mall, it started to rain, but a soft light rain. I wonder if it will rain this evening because I have a walking meetup. 

I think Year of the Mouse is on January 25, which is a Saturday. I might go to the art gallery for a Year of the Mouse event. I wonder if UCI is doing anything for Year of the Mouse. Every winter, it always feels like Year of the Mouse in my townhouse. 


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