My Reading Glasses Broke

Monday, 1.13.20

I woke up early today to go to the post office before going to yoga class at the gym. But when I was getting ready, I accidentally sat on my reading glances, and I broke it in the middle on the bridge. It was my old clear Donna Karan glasses, in which I bought in 2012 as eyeglasses. But in 2014, I had the Verace eyeglasses, and I got reading glasses done, in which I decided to use those clear frames. My plan changed, and I decided to go to South Coast Plaza because Macy’s now has a Lenscrafters. I decided to buy another Tiffany’s, even though they are expensive frames. I tried a couple for right fit and shape.I was going to buy the frames,  and use my old reading glasses prescription. But, last minute, I decided I probably should get my eyes checked for the new reading glasses, just in case there are some changes. The changes are usually slight for me, and I am sure the only prescription would be been OK. And, the eye exam isn’t cheap either. I figure this is an important purchase that I use every day, and I will probably were these glasses for a long time until it gets old, breaks, or my eyes changes. So, it has to be perfect.

I walked around in the mall because I was already there. This is the second time I accidentally broke my eyeglasses, and in the same middle location. First, it was my old Versace, and now it is my old clear Donna Karan. It pissed me off.  Now, I have to wait for it within 7 days. They will call me when they make the lens and put it into new frames. 


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