Funniest lockdown story so far

Being that we have never gone through a pandemic before, the quarantine has brought about some strange events throughout the world.  Over the past few months, the lockdown has put pressure upon the people of the world in these weird times.  

The story last month about Dominic Cummings, the chief advisor of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was totally illogical.  He was the main person in the UK pushing for everyone to quarantine, but he broke the quarantine by driving over 200 miles because he could not find a babysitter for his children.

However, this lockdown story from Namibia takes the cake.  Namibian President Hage Geingob held a 60th anniversary party of the South West Africa People’s Organization back on April 19.  However, this party was held when he had ordered for the entire country of Namibia to be under lockdown because of Covid-19.

To rectify the situation, President Geingob fined everyone that attended the party.  Yup, he fined the attendees 12,000 shillings for going to the party.  “Come party with me; I will fine you.”  


What do you think?

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  1. They should sack Dominic Cummings. The president of Namibia is very clever. He invites people and then the people have to pay and they perhaps gave him presents. He is a genius. I would vote for him for being so clever!!!

    • I agree with you on sacking Cummings. He could not find a babysitter even though he is in London. You have a good point about the President of Namibia. I didn’t think about that when I made this post.

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