Found My Misplaced Keys By Letting Go

Wednesday, 10.7.20

I spent 7 days of nonstop reorganizing and cleaning my townhouse in order to find misplaced MX-3 car keys which mysteriously disappeared. In the process, I did a lot of meditation, cleaned up lint and dust bunnies under tables and beds, and found a lot of loose change. On the last day, which is today, I gave up because I was getting a headache. So, I called the local Mazda dealership to ask about getting new keys for my MX-3. I made note of the requirements that I needed to take with me to the dealership, in which I was planning to go on Saturday morning. I gathered what I needed and put them aside.

Then, I went upstairs to reorganized some of my drawers in my bedroom. I took my radio with me with a Dave Koz jazz CD. While working on the fourth drawer, which had shorts, I was folding a camel-colored corduroy shorts with suspenders, and I noticed a lump in the pocket. It was hard. I wondered what that was. I suddenly pulled out my MX-3 car keys. I was so shocked that I couldn’t stop laughing. I found it last minute, when I had given up searching for it, and I wasn’t looking for it or anything. I was just relaxing to the jazz music while reorganizing. My last minute plans has now changed. I don’t need to go to the dealership.

Moral of this Story: While making other plans and moving on, I found what I was looking for.


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  1. That is wonderful that you found your keys. My situation was a little more drastic. When I lived in Latvia out in the suburbs you could get to the store in any kind of casual clothes so one time I just grabbed an old jacket put it on and off I went. My husband was on business travelling then and I felt a bit lost so the store gave me a chance to get out and about. I returned from the store and wanted to lock the front get. No keys then I checked the front door and I had locked that. I do not carry a purse so the keys would go into my pocket. No keys. As I turned about looking at the ground in the case as I left for the store they had dropped out no keys. Then something thumped me in the back. I took off my jacket and felt all over it and sure enough, it has a torn lining and the keys had slid way in. I had found my keys,

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