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Easter Shopping Gallery

I have some photos to share with you all that I took while shopping.  I know Easter is not till Sunday, but I thought I would get these photos posted.  I will have another Easter post after the holiday showing our dyed eggs, and other photos from the day itself.

Do you celebrate Easter?

I personally celebrate spending time with family on that day.  I get to see family that I only see a few times a year.  It’s always been a special tradition.  I grew up going to my aunt’s house and hunting eggs, and now Eli gets to do the same.  Now they hide plastic eggs with candy and toys inside, when I was egg hunting age it was just the regular dyed eggs that we would hunt.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos and look forward to the next part of my Easter photos.

Tie Dyed Bunny

It's so cute, I wanted to get it for myself....but decided not to.  

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Plant some carrots…

and feed a bunny!  

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They are cute decorations!   What do you think?

More Bunnies

Do you like these bunnies for decoration?

Big Blue Egg

More decorations....I wouldn't buy these but thought they were cool.

Bunny on a bike!

One of my favorites, it was adorable!


Looks cool, but not sure what it is.

Another bunny decoration

They had lots of choices!

Easter Wishes Sign

This was an adorable Easter sign.  This is one decor piece I probably would buy.  

Purple Egg Decoration

I like these, but wouldn't buy them.  Would you?

What do you think?

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