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Easter Shopping Gallery

I have some photos to share with you all that I took while shopping.  I know Easter is not till Sunday, but I thought I would get these photos posted.  I will have another Easter post after the holiday showing our dyed eggs, and other photos from the day itself.

Do you celebrate Easter?

I personally celebrate spending time with family on that day.  I get to see family that I only see a few times a year.  It’s always been a special tradition.  I grew up going to my aunt’s house and hunting eggs, and now Eli gets to do the same.  Now they hide plastic eggs with candy and toys inside, when I was egg hunting age it was just the regular dyed eggs that we would hunt.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos and look forward to the next part of my Easter photos.

Plant some carrots…

and feed a bunny!  

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Easter Wishes Sign

This was an adorable Easter sign.  This is one decor piece I probably would buy.  


What do you think?