Arkansas woman wins a $150,000 Powerball jackpot

LeAndra Clay who lives in West Helena Arkansas is one lucky lady who despite losing her home in February due to a house fire that forced her to live in a shed that did not have any electrical power trusted her faith in God that He would assist her overcome her tragic event of losing her home in a fire.

LeAndra had this difficult problem of not having any relatives who could assist her by lending her some money or a place to stay during her time living in a shed until she could get back on her feet moneywise.

LeAndra decided to play the Powerball game from the Arkansas Lottery to see if her prayers to get back on her feet moneywise would come true.

Leandra purchased one Arkansas Lottery Powerball for the March 23 drawing. What happened next was that she was the lucky winner of the $50,000 dollar prize for matching the majority of numbers on her lottery ticket.

Since Leandra paid an extra dollar to increase her chances of getting a higher payoff by matching the majority of number of the Powerball game, the prize increased to $150,000 dollars before taxes when she found out a few days after the lottery drawing that she hit a huge prize in the lottery drawing.

Leandra will use the lottery winnings to donate some of her winnings to her local church and use the remainder of her money to purchase a new home.

What impresses me of Leandra is that despite her hardship that she endured losing her home to a fire and having to life in a shed for a period of around one month, she stood firm on her beliefs that God cared enough for her to keep up a positive attitude in her tough times.


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