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A Hangover Break

Monday, 5.20.19

Today, I woke up tired because I had a busy weekend, running around everywhere.

Friday involved walking 9 miles and one hour yoga. Saturday afternoon was at an art gallery, which was very busy, busier than usual. And, on Sunday, it rained all morning, in which I decided to hang out at the cinema theater for Bolshoi Ballet until 4 pm. When it ended, it was dry outside as well as very sunny. And, I occasionally did some errands. So, I was running around all weekend.

 I added this Hermes snapshot from the local mall because this guy looks like me, always on-the-go, running around hither and thither. So, when I woke up this morning, I decided not to go to the noon yoga class at the gym. I still have a Canon meetup during the evening hours. 


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