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It’s difficult to find common ground with others when the only person you’re focused on is yourself. – John Maxwell

We all know I love words and one of the words I love and use often in my classes is “selfless”. Our most recent discussion was about leadership. Selfless leadership is about overcoming your fears, insecurities, and misconceptions about what it means to lead in a selfless manner. 

Here are some traits of selfless leaders

Empower others

Leaders that want things to get done by the great people they have hired, hand them the reins. They let them make the decisions.  Employees that are empowered keep the bottom line in mind and have the goal of  increasing the bottom line.

Share the credit

Being selfless requires recognizing others in your success. I remember when I published my first book I wanted to celebrate. My Mom and I had a long conversation about how that should be done. I sent the book to some people who had given me the courage and skills to get it right.

Initiate the conversation

Selfless leaders are always asking the advice and opinions of others. They know that there is a best way to do things and they recognize that they don’t have all the answers. They respect others enough to ask their opinion.

Creates the culture

When everyone in an organization feels valued and appreciated the entire organization benefits. 

What do we have here?


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