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Youngsters are certainly doing a great job

You would be am amazed to see how the trend is changing in last couple of decades as the world seems to belong to the younger generation now.

I am not talking about those so-called “50+ young” but within a range of 20-25 that becoming millionaire especially in the field of technology, writing, traveling, sports etc.

I am astounded to watch some of the young chief executives of the world renowned companies and mind you all of these famous people are not sons or daughters of the owners but some of them have done everything on their own.

There are so many young CEO’s in the corporate sector you will feel like you have wasted your life doing nothing in your life.

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Did you know that Cory Nieves is only 14 years old and he is founder and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies? This kid certainly knows all about cookies so go and read him doing so what he started when he was only 10.


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Written by Suny Ag