Who is James Martin?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

James Martin is an American Jesuit, and he was against opening churches during this Cornyflu Plandemic. That is why he was against Trump decision to open religious establishments, allowing all everyone to congregate and pray together in order to fight back in this Spiritual War.  He works with the Pope on the New World Order agenda. He is the go-to Jesuit on this matter. Hence, he is obviously a part of the agenda. Moreover, lots of cathedrals are still under lockdown. Hence, the Jesuits are controlling this lockdown, as well.


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  1. Everyone has their own opinion about what should or should not be opened and they all make such ridiculous arguments about things. I saw a special notice that said Trump backed up the opening of churches in the US but then instead of heading to church on Sunday went to play golf.

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